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“Home owners and architects have become far more mindful of sustainable building design,” says Mandy Saliba, marketing manager of Safetyline Jalousie. “With this, we are seeing a growing demand for window systems with increased

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Interwar Intervention
Edelstein House is the freshest heritage building in Victoria. The single-storey interwar villa is a prominent and much-loved feature of the Princess Hill area. The original 1930s home remained largely untouched since its construction. After extensiv
Home Design3 min read
Heritage Harmony
Much has transpired in Australia since the early 1900s. The way we approach the design and construction of our homes and gardens remains one of the key milestones to show that the times have changed and that they are, today still, a-changin’. Through
Home Design2 min read
Kirsty Anderson
When artist Kirsty Anderson’s phone rang after a rental inspection, her heart plummeted. She thought she was in trouble for doing her painting on the carpet. But no. The agent was so captivated by the piece Kirsty was working on that she was offering