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Fun With Foliage
It’s official: green is the new orange. An adorable cactus at your favourite brunch spot, a string of pearls spilling over a shelf, flora crowding apartment balconies… Australia is obsessed with plants. Likely linked to our growing fascination with w
Home Design2 min read
When Two Become One
Andrew Mikhael Architect is the brains behind the beauty of Trapeze Stair Apartment. The man behind the brand, Andrew Mikhael, kindly allowed us to gush over his latest project and ask all the questions we’ve been desperate to have answered. Like how
Home Design2 min read
In Smooth Waters
Once a vacant waterfront lot, now a modern marvel, this place is everything the owners envisioned and more. An older couple with grown children, they were ready to invest in a home where the family could come together and enjoy each other’s company.