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he fear of using colour in our homes has resulted in a sea of beige and white interiors. Rather than being scared to use colour, we should embrace it as colours stimulate our senses and create different moods. Australia is a land filled with colour, from the reds of the desert to the lush greens of the tropics. If you love nature and see her in all her colourful glory, why not take a leaf out of

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Beat The Heat, Maintain The Chic
Starting at the very beginning, positioning a home to make the most of cooling breezes and choosing the right windows are probably the best ways to keep cool. Alex Porebski, director at Porebski Architects, believes louvred windows are a great option
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Fan-tastic Design
If you’re looking for the best way to stay cool whenever the temperature rises, look no further than the bestselling Spyda fan by Ventair. The greatest fans are made to be seen and not heard, which is why this quiet fan emits only a low level of nois
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A Splash Of Luxury
More and more Aussies are embracing health and wellness, and making lifestyle choices that reflect healthy living. Choices like getting a little moderate exercise, taking positive and proactive measures to reduce everyday stresses, and following a nu