Reawaken your spiritual practice

For a yogi, practice is a big part of life. Finding your yoga groove takes time and commitment but, once you do, it becomes a daily staple. Your yoga might happen as soon as you wake up every day, or at an exact time each week at your regular class. Regardless of what form it may take, when “yoga time” rolls around, you’re ready and raring to go.

However, sometimes when you practise regularly like this, as with any activity, you can plateau or hit a wall. In these cases, the practice often still has its commitment and dedication but becomes a little same-same. You move in and out of Downward-Facing Dogs without noticing them any more. The asanas you once found challenging or gratifying aren’t so much right now and there’s a feeling that you are stagnating in your practice or that it lacks the energy it once had.

When things start to become a bit mechanical and lacklustre like this, it’s common to lose concentration and motivation as the mind wanders away from the original purpose of your practice. When this happens, take some time to recharge your yogic batteries by reawakening and reconnecting with your practice and getting a little creative with it.

Yoga off the mat

If your asana practice is feeling a bit flat,, the great yogic sage Patanjali outlines eight limbs of yoga, with asana being just one part of this. When you hit a wall in your asana practice, stepping away from the mat and looking into the other limbs can help tap into the greater purpose of yoga.

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