Unleash your expression

Humans are inherently creative beings with a desire to create, innovate and inspire. Yet many people don’t engage with their creative side because fear gets in the way. The truth is it takes courage to create. At the heart of any creative expression is a courageous decision to be seen and heard. To live a creative life, you must be willing to be vulnerable. Living creatively, however, gives you the chance to live a full, interesting, authentic and exciting life.

Creative expression is not about being “arty”. Rather, creative expression is the wondrous act of bringing forth something that didn’t exist before. It’s about giving form and a voice to an idea or concept that excites you.

With this in mind, creative expression could be a whole range of things, from creating a new recipe to opening a cafe, establishing a beautiful garden, writing a kids’ book, creating a solution to a complex physics problem, giving a TED talk, writing a compelling biography, creating a family or starting a social movement.

Do you know what you would like to create and express in your life? Have you had a burning desire for years to do this one “thing”? Creative expression is not

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