Lunar living

Modern astrologers identify eight different phases within the longer monthly Moon cycle. As the Moon moves through her phases, she changes shape and size, sometimes waxing or growing, other times waning, shrinking or staying hidden.

Each moon phase has its own feeling and focus, and is better for certain things and less helpful for others. Firmicus Maternus, writing in the 4th century CE, said, “The innermost parts of the human grow when the Moon grows, and when she begins to lose light they languish, fatigued in body; when she (the Moon) grows again, their power of growth comes flooding back.”

Following the moon phases

You, especially your physical body and your innermost self, that is, your emotions and moods, respond unconsciously to the call of the Moon.

As the Moon begins a new cycle, in the new moon phase you might feel inspired and motivated for new endeavours. When the Moon reaches her critical turning points, especially the first quarter and third or final quarter phases, you may reach a critical turning point or find your motivation for action and progress is high. As

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