Chakra exploration: Part II

When exploring chakras, you are invited to dive into investigation of your energy body and the vital force within, which is also referred to as prana, ki, qi, chi and mana, which connects your physical and subtle bodies and is transmitted by the means of chakras, the spinning vortexes of energy positioned alongside your spinal cord, aligning from its very base to the crown of your head.

As mentioned in part one of our chakra exploration, the seven-chakra system, commonly accepted by various healing modalities and practices such as Reiki, qi gong, tai chi and crystal healing among others, is discussed here.

Your subtle body, of which chakras are a part, is intangible but it unavoidably penetrates your physical body and influences the state of your mind, health and overall wellbeing.

Therefore, when your chakras are in harmony, you enjoy good health and vitality, your mind is clear and you are able to be present and grounded. When the chakras are unbalanced, that energy may manifest itself in physical, emotional, mental and energetic malfunctions.

Overview of the heart & upper chakras

This overview and recommended practices outlined further in this article will focus on (heart chakra) and the upper three chakras ( and ), which are regarded as your spiritual centres

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