It's in the doing

Happiness, health, freedom, strength and family. These core values dictate every aspect of my life.

Jo Mawhinney

Treat people how I want to be treated: kindness goes a long way —

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WellBeing7 min read
The Power Of Podcasts
It’s been a decade of perpetual arrival for podcasts, but they’ve well and truly established themselves among the ranks of mainstream media. What began as “audio-blogging” in 2004 has gone global, with over 1.75 million podcasts and 43 million episod
WellBeing3 min readBiology
Recent Medical Findings For A Healthier Body
New research shows that the effect of tea on your blood pressure goes deeper than relaxation. Researchers have found that catechins in green tea and black tea activate a specific type of ion channel protein called KCNQ5. The effect is to allow potass
WellBeing1 min read
Two centuries ago, romanticism was filling the minds of people everywhere. Nowadays, however, it seems like romanticism is something we don’t have time for. Why should we be romanticising anything when there are protests to go to and people to fight