A mature influence

Saturn is the planet in astrology associated with time, tradition and things that last. Saturn also symbolises responsibility and can highlight necessary tests and challenges.

Astrologers watch the movement of Saturn through the zodiac to discover when changes in the collective are likely and to decipher the personal ways in which we can each reorganise and simplify our lives.

Get grounded

On December 20, 2017, Saturn entered a new sign, Capricorn, where he’ll stay until December 2020. This creates a “double earth” energy. It promises more calm compared to the past three years when Saturn was in the dynamic and restless fire sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn in Capricorn will slow down the hectic pace of life and help you find more moments of calm. Earth as an element is about security. You may focus on how to improve your financial position or choose to formalise relationships that really matter: for example, by moving in or getting married in a personal relationship or through signing off on a contract in a professional partnership.

When you slow down, you’ll naturally focus on the longer term. Moving more slowly can also help you avoid making a hasty or pressured choice. Security that protects you and your family long into the future may be on your mind, so you might delay extravagant experiences

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