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The most qualified aviation specialized magazine of Brazil and Latin America gets an English digital version. With over 23 years’ history and already published in Portuguese and Spanish, AERO Magazine has become a reference source of information for the aerospace trade, with contents that serves a

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Aero Magazine International6 min readScience
Extreme Turbulence
The tempest advances. It should reach Florida in some hours. The governor suspends toll collection to speed up the exit of thousands of people looking for refuge in the North. It is expected that winds of up to 260 kilometers per hour will sweep the
Aero Magazine International4 min read
Eight Trends In Private Aviation
A sentence of Heraclitus has defined its work: “Nobody enters twice in the same river, since, when this occurs, the person is not the same, as well as the waters are already other ones”. The same may be said about business aviation. It is a market wi
Aero Magazine International3 min read
The 75 Years Of D-day
Considered until today the history’s largest disembark sea mission, Neptune Operation has become manifest as decisive for the defeat of the Nazis in Second World War. Better known as D-day, the mobilization has preceded the famous Battle of Normandy,