The power of ritual

“We are what we repeatedly do.” ~ Aristotle

When you think about rituals, what comes to mind? Chanting, peace offerings to exotic gods, weddings, full moon celebrations? Many of us think of something connected to religion. While this is true, rituals go beyond prayers and ceremonies.

They are more present in our everyday lives than we may have noticed and it’s our ritualistic nature that nurtures our wellbeing. We often overlook rituals and take them for granted simply because we do them mindlessly.

Rituals are, however, incredibly powerful when performed on purpose. They allow us to experience everyday life with a deeper meaning and enjoyment. Water is just water until you choose to drink it every morning, warm and infused with lemon; with every sip, silently and gratefully considering how it nurtures your body.

Unfortunately, modern culture may make you feel that life needs to be constantly satisfying, happy and perfect. But rituals can help you to enjoy the ordinary elements of life and sprinkle them with magic.

Rituals are different to habits and practices, but you can weave all three together to create a framework for living well.

Habits, practices and rituals

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