Cosmic currents


In 2018, the planets Saturn and Pluto beam a spotlight on your vocational goals, which keep developing until April 2020. Your mind is alive with possibilities for investment and enterprise from the alignment of Mars with expansive Jupiter on January 7. In late March, and April, thorough preparation is the key, pushed forward by the Aries New Moon of April 16. Since Aries Time features a retrograde (backwards) communications cycle, followed by ruler Mars going “retro”, from June 27 to August 28, nothing should be rushed. Change-agent Uranus leaves Aries, making helpful, earthy links with Saturn through August and September. Your career cycle becomes more fruitful, boosted by a Full Moon in Aries on September 25. The feminine powers of receptivity and sustenance support you, offering tools that transform and nourish.

As a Fire sign, prone to sudden bursts of energy, the more flowing rhythms of 2018 bring balance, ensuring heart health and wellbeing. A transformative thrust from April 27 through mid-May accelerates a change in roles, deepening relationships. Your ability to build security in an organic way and reach out to others with loving gentleness both flower this year. If grounded in practical work and supported by empathy, your public roles and private happiness will enter a new integrated territory from mid-November 2018.


It is a special year for Taurus with many areas of expansion, due to happy Jupiter links that stir your spirit of adventure and urge to learn more. From early January, a growing sense of personal empowerment inspires you while daily life begins

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