8 life hacks for wellness

Are you confused by the sheer volume of information you receive about health and wellbeing? One minute coffee is good for you; the next it’s causing cancer. You read that most of us are marginally dehydrated one day and the next you are bombarded by the perils of over-drinking. Energised by an article on the miracle powers of coconut oil, you buy a kilo jar — only to find out it’s contributing to your heart disease. The list goes on.

One of the reasons for all the confusion is that, while the internet gives us access to a lot of information, Dr Google is not always the most reliable source. Another reason is that profit and popularity are behind a lot of what we read. However, there are deeper underlying causes for your confusion.

Throughout history, people have thought about health and illness in many different ways. Rationalism and scientific thinking dominate in today’s world, but it’s important to remember this is just one way of conceptualising the world. In the Middle Ages, for example, people believed that physical and

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