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Major depressive disorder (MDD) is common, recurrent, chronic and disabling. In a new study, people with MDD were divided into two groups: a group who had three 90-minute classes weekly along with home practice, or a group who had two 90-minute classes a week, plus home practice. Both groups had significant decreases in their depressive symptoms. Based on this, the researchers believe

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From The Editor
A few months ago, I realised that somewhere between childhood and adulthood I stopped playing. I’d forgotten what it felt like to just “play”, letting that childlike excitement, silliness and innocence run wild. One Saturday morning, I invited my fia
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How Do You Parent?
John Gottman in Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child outlines four parenting styles as follows. You might find you draw from one or more styles at different times. Here, the parent treats the child’s feelings as unimportant or trivial and either
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High Histamine
What does a person do when they seem to react to everything — and it doesn’t matter what they do, it doesn’t seem to help? Think high histamine levels. This was the story for a 35-year-old woman who didn’t know where to turn. She had seen many practi