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In historical times, not everyone was aware of their birth time, which made creating a personal astrology chart difficult. Astrologers would therefore create a “chart of the hour”, known as a horary chart, to help clients solve problems and provide insight into their most important questions.

A horary chart is like using astrology as an oracle. You ask a question and a chart is created for the moment the question is asked. Usually this time is defined as when the question reaches the person who can answer it; for instance, when your astrologer receives your question and understands what you are asking. The chart is then created for the astrologer’s location and the time they receive the question.

Horary was a popular technique through the medieval period and has experienced a revival in the past 30 years, thanks to the work of astrologers like Olivia Barclay, John Frawley, Deb Houlding, Lee Lehman and more.

In horary, the key principles of astrology are applied, but to a chart for your specific question rather than to your personal birth chart. Since your birth chart represents your whole life,

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