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With support from a team that has many years of caravanning and sales experience, Cara-Camp owner Arnold Prosch jumps at the opportunity to be of service to every customer to walk through the doors of his

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Caravan and Outdoor Life2 min read
Join winemakers from all around the country down at Ilanga Estate, and sample more than 200 of South Africa’s finest wines. If you find something you like, you can even purchase wine at the show itself, and have it delivered to your door. A carefully
Caravan and Outdoor Life3 min read
Plugged IN
The discussion around the impact of the changes in the Road Traffic Act, that require you to have a special code EB licence for towing, has been ongoing for years. Many people and manufacturers feel this has negatively affected caravan sales and the
Caravan and Outdoor Life12 min read
Anywhere Is Awesome
We are an adventurous family of four, constantly looking for a new adventure far away from the mad rush of city life. My wife Desna and I have been married for 15 years and are blessed with two young, lively boys. For years our family had joyful tour