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The Nature’s Rest caravan and camping resort is one of the most picturesque I’ve ever seen. Positioned on the banks of the Zamnyama River, which meanders its way through the rolling hills of the Eastern Cape, you’ll find peace and relaxation under the dappled shade of

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Caravan and Outdoor Life5 min read
Destination Wonder Caravan
Actually, when I fetched the Destination Wonder for my more-than-a-thousand kilometre and 10-day camping trip André said,“Take it on any grond pad you like!”Just in case someone attempts Van Zyl’s Pass with his new Wonder, I thought I had better add
Caravan and Outdoor Life6 min read
Hessequa At Its Best
When the request came in for me to undertake a trip in a brand new motorhome and review five municipal campsites that fall under the umbrella of the Hessequa Municipality, I was on the phone making the necessary arrangements before you could say Jack
Caravan and Outdoor Life2 min read
Summit Karenga
Pretoria Caravans, the agents for the Summit range of off-road trailers, has launched a new addition to the range, the Summit Karenga. This is a dedicated two-person off-road trailer with a side-folding, hard-top roof, to create increased interior he