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Hello Caravan & Outdoor Life, I am not a writer, but I want to share with you our trip in our Skipper.

We tackled terrible corrugated roads in the Northern Cape with the Model T LT. In places I took my foot completely off the gas, because you just didn’t know if driving at 10 km/h might not be better than 80 km/h. The corrugations were deep and further apart than usual, so there was no speed at which I could just drive on the tops.

The plan was to go do the Namaqua Eko 4x4 trail… and to see whether the Skipper can handle it.

On our way we stayed two nights at Verneukpan, one night at Riemvasmaak and one night at Klein Pella.

Thereafter on the Eko 4x4 trail we stayed two nights each at Grootmelkboom and Kamgab, right next to the Orange River.

This route will test any vehicle, but the

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