Tyres look simple enough from the outside, but the mix of components inside is the result of extensive (and expensive) research and development by the tyre manufacturers. Each tyre type and profile is designed to meet a specific and exacting set of requirements, either set down by the vehicle manufacturers (when the tyre is specified as Original Equipment)

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Good To Go!
One of the big worries, when on an extended overlanding trip through Africa, is the condition of the fuel that one might fill up with along the way. However, this shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights. Travellers will know that in re
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Tricky Foxes
The Fox Racing 2.5-inch internal bypass shock absorbers on the Raptor are very high-tech for a production vehicle, let alone a bakkie, and so they should be. As an aftermarket fitment the matched coils and dampers would cost some R25 000 per corner.
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Home Sweet Home…
In much the same way that we have different styles of houses, birds too have different types of nests. Similarly, features unique to the climate – air-conditioners in hot climates, double glazing and underfloor heating in colder climes – are replicat