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Know Your Gears
• Crossed Axis Helical Gears – Used in vehicle transmissions to transmit power between gears not intersecting on a non-parallel axis, such as the crown wheel and pinion of a rear differential. Teeth are cut at an angle so two gears can mesh smoothly,
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While the rest of the world has been getting Prados with Toyota’s super-smooth 2.8 GD-6 since 2015, we’ve been stuck with the grumbly (but reliable and overland-friendly) old 3.0 D4-D until now. From 2020 onwards, local models will receive the new en
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Just Winging It…
Having concentrated, for several months now, on some of our larger mammals I thought it was time to shift the focus to our incredible bird assemblage. South Africa is home to approximately 850 bird species, of which 50 are found nowhere else on earth