Wheel balancing describes the distribution of mass within a 4x4’s tyre and its wheel. A poorly-balanced tyre or wheel will cause a vibration or wobble, which will generally gain severity as speeds increase. When you purchase a set of new tyres, it’s important to balance all four tyres: every tyre may have

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Sticky Business
If I were only allowed to pack three items in a survival pack, they would be a knife, paracord, and duct tape. With these, I think you could surmount any catastrophe. It’s likely we know the origins of the knife and paracord (ok, if you don’t, paraco
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Sahara Sojourn A Journey To Chad’s Tibesti Mountains
The rugged Tibesti Mountains are as far as you can get from civilisation in Africa. Situated in the centre of the Sahara, in northern Chad, it’s a long four-day 1 500km journey from the capital, N’Djamena, much of which is on tracks, or pistes, that
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Submit Your Photo & WIN A Fredlin Hoist
There’s no point in driving around with your roof rack/ rooftop tent if you’re not on holiday. Save fuel (and wear & tear) by installing a Fredlin hoist. This proudly South African product solves the problem of where to store your roof rack/ rooftop