A few years back the term ‘Terror Trail’ was coined by SA4x4 staffer Patrick Cruywagen. It aptly described those adrenaline-infused, heart-in-the-mouth, sweaty palm tracks that required lots of guts to attempt, and which delivered equally in terms of potential vehicle damage and massive feelings of pride if you got it

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The Land Cruiser nameplate is synonymous with off-road prowess, so it was with much fanfare, in September, that Toyota announced it had made 10 million of these vehicles since the very first ‘Jeep BJ’ rolled off the production line on 1 August 1951.
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Of Kettles, Committees And Wakes…
What on earth?!” you may ask, when considering this headline. “Has year-end madness struck early?” Well, not quite. These are in fact the collective nouns for groups of vultures depending on their activity. When in flight, they are a kettle; when res
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My thumbs-up is answered with two honks, so I gently ease off the clutch. The slack goes out of the tow rope and I barely notice the additional dead weight the Jeep is hauling, such is low-range first gear in the Rubicon. I’m towing a pickup loaded w