Changing the diameter of a vehicle’s tyres can dramatically affect the performance of the vehicle - from acceleration, to braking, to fuel economy.By changing to a larger diameter tyre, a 4x4

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Trail Info
The trail is an impressive 600km long, making it by far the longest 4x4 trail in SA. That said, not all of it is low-range stuff and many hundreds of kilometres will be racked up on gravel highways and even a couple of tarred roads. The trail is divi
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IRONMAN 4x4 Hilux Day
Hilux fans and owners came out in full force on Saturday 9 November, when Ironman 4x4 SA hosted their first-ever Hilux Day at the company’s flagship store and head office in Alberton. There were 48 entries and vehicles ranged from the newest Legend 5
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Snake Bite!
The very first article I wrote for SA4x4 was way back in a distant time, and it covered the subject of snake bites. In that article I detailed the technique universally endorsed as the first-aid treatment for snake bikes: the Pressure Immobilisation