Mountain Wheatear


One of several fascinating aspects of birds and birdwatching is digging into the origin of bird names. Some names are so logical and obvious that it really doesn’t take rocket science to work them out. A good example is the Bokmakierie. The name itself, as far as I know, has no particular meaning; but when you hear one of them sing, you recognise the origin immediately. An equally apt and logically descriptive name

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One trip, three World Heritage Sites
After quite some planning, June 22 marked the beginning of an epic trip to explore three of South Africa’s World Heritage Sites in our Jeep Wrangler. The day before, we had picked up our mates Myles and Fiona from the airport and they helped with all
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A Brief History
Don’t imagine rooftop tents, or at least tents on top of vehicles, are anything brand new. For sure the designs and execution have been refined and improved in the last decade or so, but the records show they appeared in Western Europe in the 1930s.
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The Lion Who Didn’t Want To Look Like A Giraffe!
If lions are the ‘king of the jungle’, then leopards have got to be its ‘prince regent’! Powerful, athletic, graceful and stealthy, they are the epitome of an apex predator. Leopards are one of the most adaptable of all cats, having a wider distribut