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A woman ambles over to our table to say hi, then wanders off again. She s wearing her pyjamas and still looks a little sleepy. “She arrived to stay for a few days and never left,” confides a smiling Gail Behr, owner and proprietor of Dorp hotel. It’s
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“I’d be holidaying on an exclusive private island in the Philippines – listed on Airbnb – where all my meals are prepared by a cook. My morning will include short boat trips to other villages, then relaxing on a private beach with a book, followed by
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The First Swim of Summer
With mounting excitement, I’d dip my hand into the swimming pool and fish out the thermometer. It’s a 30-something-year-old memory, but even as I type, a numbing chill runs down my arm, and the pungent aroma of chlorine mixed with the sweet scent of