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A lot has happened since the first book was published. How has your philosophy changed?

So much has happened. The biggest change in my philosophy is around diet in general. I’ve seen people completely transform their lives following our advice, but I am a lot more focused on diet in general than on just one diet. is only the tip of the iceberg. My belief (as embodied in this book) is that whatever you’re eating – low-carb or not – you would benefit most from eating real, unprocessed foods, preferably cooked by yourself or a family member. Cooking really is

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Laden with olive oil and cheese, this is not a diet option. You could use fior di latte and Parmigiana Reggiano if you're feeling flush, but my post-holiday, shoe-shopping-on-the-rand didn’t allow for this. I went basic. And it tasted just fine. My s