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Tender Is The Bite
SERVING SUGGESTION: Black garlic gnocchi with spring greens: Fry Woolworths’ fresh gnocchi in 1–2 T olive oil until lightly golden on each side, then remove from the pan and set aside. To make the black garlic-and-lemon butter, melt 100 g butter in a
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Big Little Sides
“This is my new take on gem squash and I love it! For the pumpkin, keep the seeds intact for the initial braaiing. This prevents the pumpkin from burning and caramelises it, making it sweet and tender.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation:
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Bunny Love
The beans: Folks get to choose between broad bean and sugar bean-based curries. The dried legumes are soaked overnight until plump before they’re cooked low and slow in the prepared curry sauce until velvety soft. The masala: “We mix our own blend o