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Una cara famiglia


 is the perfect way to describe the Dalla Cia family. It means “very dear”. You can see it, smell it and taste it in all they produce – like George and Giorgio’s toothsome Dalla Cia reds, Elena’s fluffy spinach-and-ricotta gnocchi lightly perfumed with white truffle, and the splash of grappa in an espresso after a meal.

Yet, that warm tug at my foodie heart originates not so much from their delicious handiwork, but from a deeper place: in a time in which the world wildly races and careens, the Dalla Cias are untarnished by trend or compromise. Cross the threshold at Dalla Cia in Stellenbosch’s Bosman’s Crossing, and you are in Italy. And just like in Italy, once you’ve crossed the threshold, you are more than friends; you are part of the family.

Living is about eating well and drinking well. Not fancy, just honestly… and slowly. This is why the world loves Italy so much, and why is more than just the Dalla Cias’ deeply rooted philosophy:

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