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Garth Almazan

where I lived with my parents and my grandmother. My mom worked, so my gran took care of all the cooking in our home. My earliest childhood food memories are of standing in our kitchen watching her preparing a variety of fish and seafood, which my dad brought home. He was a fisherman and had boats in Kalk Bay that he’d take out in False Bay or up the West Coast. One of my

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Woolworths TASTE3 min readFood & Wine
Tree Of Life
When we first moved into our house 10 years ago, the only tree that survived was an old, sad-looking grapefruit tree that bore bitter fruit. We planted lemon and lime trees alongside it, hoping their company would help. But while the grapefruit tree
Woolworths TASTE4 min read
The Lazy Cook’s Jozi
It all started with pap. Back when 30-year-old Mogau Seshoene was still way too small for her oversized apron, her mom showed her how to make this staple the Pedi way, which means using a whisk and wooden spoon to ensure that there isn’t a single lum
Woolworths TASTE3 min read
Everybody Freeze
Fill halved coconuts with a selection of Woolworths’ Extremely Creamy cranberry and pistachio swirl ice cream, mint-flavoured ice cream, vanilla-flavoured frozen dessert, strawberry-flavoured frozen dessert, caramel-flavoured frozen dessert, granadil