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She’s dedicated her life to wine, according to her Instagram bio, and we reckon she might have to spend the rest of it at Mosaic trying all 75 000 wines on offer (the

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Woolworths TASTE2 min readFood & Wine
Tender Is The Bite
SERVING SUGGESTION: Black garlic gnocchi with spring greens: Fry Woolworths’ fresh gnocchi in 1–2 T olive oil until lightly golden on each side, then remove from the pan and set aside. To make the black garlic-and-lemon butter, melt 100 g butter in a
Woolworths TASTE3 min readFood & Wine
The Sweetness Of Lemons
Many years ago when I left South Africa to work and travel overseas as some of us were privileged enough to do, I wrote my parents an emotional, filled-with-all-the-clichés-and-angst-of-an-early-20-something letter explaining my reasons for travellin
Woolworths TASTE3 min readFood & Wine
What Makes A Real Braai?
BEFORE I DISCOVERED FOOD MAGAZINES, before the interwebs made it to Africa, everything I learned about how to braai I learned from my friend Lisa. Lisa and I met at university, while working on the student newspaper, and became close over, among othe