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The Lazy Cook’s Jozi
It all started with pap. Back when 30-year-old Mogau Seshoene was still way too small for her oversized apron, her mom showed her how to make this staple the Pedi way, which means using a whisk and wooden spoon to ensure that there isn’t a single lum
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20 In 30
1 Preheat the oven to 220°C. Toss 100 g torn kale leaves in olive oil, season and bake for 5–10 minutes or until crispy. 2 Cook 2 x 250 g packs Woolworths slow-cooked beef ravioli according to package instructions, drain, and set aside. Sauté 2 t cho
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Tree Of Life
When we first moved into our house 10 years ago, the only tree that survived was an old, sad-looking grapefruit tree that bore bitter fruit. We planted lemon and lime trees alongside it, hoping their company would help. But while the grapefruit tree