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Keep ’em fresh

Did you know that whole spices maintain their freshness for longer than ground spices? And that they lose flavour over time (use your eyes and nose – if their colour has faded and the aroma is low, replace them). Use these storage tips to keep your spices fresher for longer

■ “Store spices in a drawer, away from light, moisture and heat, which influence shelf life and flavour.” – Roelien Havenga, Woolies product developer

■ “I keep my spices in Ziploc bags in the fridge.” – Abigail Donnelly, TASTE food editor

■ “I use a traditional Indian masala dabba. It’s a metal tin with small cups inside and used to keep small amounts of spices fresh.” – Mira Harie, spice merchant at Spice Emporium in Durban

■ “Buy the smallest quantities you can. At Marigold, I order spices every week, and we roast and grind a batch for each day.” – Vanie Padayachee, executive chef at Marigold restaurant in Franschhoek

■ “Store your spices in glass jars that seal tightly to preserve their freshness –

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