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a child, I knew the festive season was well and truly over when the only sweet things to be found in our house were the unwanted leftovers in the dried fruit gift boxes. Surprisingly enough in our chocolate-obsessed house, these were the ones sprinkled with chocolate vermicelli. The delicious red and green Fruit Dainties were, of course, long gone come January, as were the tiny oblong rolls of wonderfully tangy yellow peach and apricot sugar-dusted

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Woolworths TASTE3 min readFood & Wine
Bittersweet Symphony
Jacques and I went to Istanbul for four nights. It was the first time we’d both been away from Seb. We’re all growing up, and old, you see. Not that it was easy. I cried from the moment we said goodbye to our son at the front door until we boarded th
Woolworths TASTE4 min readFood & Wine
Richard Carstens
10:10am All is calm on the wooden deck, the only sounds are the gurgling of a stream and the far-off ticking of a sprinkler on one of Chamonix Estate’s lawns. It’s not the first time Richard Carstens has been a chef here. In the early nineties, he ma
Woolworths TASTE1 min read
Winning Reader
I absolutely loved making this delicious creation of yours in time for the Rugby World Cup final against England (far right). I thought that the jelly would be quite random but decided to make it for the gees. I was overjoyed at how delicious it was