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a child, I knew the festive season was well and truly over when the only sweet things to be found in our house were the unwanted leftovers in the dried fruit gift boxes. Surprisingly enough in our chocolate-obsessed house, these were the ones sprinkled with chocolate vermicelli. The delicious red and green Fruit Dainties were, of course, long gone come January, as were the tiny oblong rolls of wonderfully tangy yellow peach and apricot sugar-dusted

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This month, we’re loving ourselves a bit of pasta. Make that a lot of pasta. From easy, cheesy bakes to slow-cooked ragùs and silky, home-made ribbons, head to taste.co.za/recipe-guide/pasta for the best ways to make the most of the last weeks of win
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What’s For Dinner?
Peel 1 kg large potatoes, cut into thick chips and parboil until tender but not soft, 10–20 minutes. Drain and set aside to cool. Heat vegetable oil for frying. Pat the chips dry using kitchen paper. Test the oil’s temperature with one chip; it will
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Think Pink
I have fallen utterly in love with beetroot, and with colour, and with wearing sequins while doing the school run. Because now I not only eat what I like, I wear what I like, too. I never much cared for beetroot as a child: beetroot in vinaigrette an