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I have a schizophrenic relationship with food. I care about, think about, write about and work with it a lot. I’ve edited a cookbook, I subscribe to multiple food magazines, and, thanks to my mother, who knows her way around a Magimix, I know what good food tastes like and what’s off limits (pineapple in coleslaw, margarine in anything.) Yet the only thing I can make is toast.

A heel

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Woolworths TASTE1 min readFood & Wine
TREND: Butter-aged steak
After drying the meat in the fridge for four days, Sobczyk submerges it in three kilograms of half-melted, salted butter and ages it for at least 30 days. The shell seals in moisture, but doesn’t create the “metallic” taste some purists associate wit
Woolworths TASTE5 min readFood & Wine
BUBBLING UNDER Carolize Coetzee
My favourite family recipe is my grandmother’s gingerbread biscuits. She used to bake a lot: vetkoek, mosbolletjies … And she made the best marmalade and ginger beer. Most of the baking recipes I use at Tokara Restaurant were passed down by my family
Woolworths TASTE1 min readFood & Wine
Bunny Love
The beans: Folks get to choose between broad bean and sugar bean-based curries. The dried legumes are soaked overnight until plump before they’re cooked low and slow in the prepared curry sauce until velvety soft. The masala: “We mix our own blend o