When it comes to your backyard, blending style and practicality is of utmost importance. This incredible home in Pauanui, New Zealand, by Jessop Architects is anything but your average outdoor space. It provides ample room for entertaining, while the open-plan interior beckons the

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Design Your Own Waterwise Garden
The term “waterwise” is very much a part of gardening vernacular in Australia. Google the phrase and you’ll be inundated with corporations, government agencies, products and plant lists all promoting its principles. As a nation, we’re finally startin
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Make It Or Fake It
No watering, mowing or weeding certainly sounds appealing and for many, artificial grass is now regarded as a viable, even desirable, alternative to natural turf. Some are attracted by its waterwise qualities and others by the thought of less mainten
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Finishing Touches
When building a home, all elements need to be considered — architecture, interior design and landscape design. A house doesn’t look complete without a landscape and a garden is best enjoyed with family. Janine Mendel of Cultivart Landscape Design has