A steeply sloping block may be a challenge, but it also presents an opportunity to create something truly amazing. The owners of this property looked to Nathan Boutros of Iconic Design & Landscaping to take the previously inaccessible lowest level of their rear garden and turn

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Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, Healthy People
The challenge all gardeners face is trying to grow gardens in tired, depleted soils. It doesn’t matter if it’s sand, clay, rock or silt, if there is no life in the soil, the plants will always be dependent on a gardener to keep them alive. Nature has
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The Makers
Focal points don’t have to stand loud and proud. In fact, when it comes to the placement of sculpture and art, it can be all the more effective when nestled within a garden bed or placed in front of a vine-clad wall that provides a backdrop and textu
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The Room Outside
As spring inches its way towards summer, thoughts increasingly turn to outdoor living — lunches on the deck, picnics on the lawn, dinner under the stars, lounging by the pool. Having a well-furnished, beautifully decorated outdoor living space makes