A show-stopping lawn requires a huge effort; don’t invest in the wrong fit!

Having a lush green lawn is basically the Australian dream. With weekend barbecues and kids’ parties on the go, and that feeling of walking around barefoot on the grass, the benefits of having

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Wombok (brassica Rapa Subsp. Pekinensis)
Also called napa or Chinese cabbage, wombok, like tatsoi, is closely related to bok choy in both looks and taste. It grows an oblong head of tightly wound leaves, light green on the outside to pale yellow in the centre. It’s the main ingredient in Ko
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Go With The Flow
According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, flowing water brings with it health, happiness and prosperity. Well, one way to bring the beneficial and harmonious sound of running water to your garden is with a water feature. A well-placed water
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A New Outlook
If, like many, you’re enamoured with the Hamptons style but you like it with a contemporary twist, this rear garden retreat should appeal. The look is cool and fresh, the colour palette restrained (mainly white, grey and green-on-green) and there is