Spring is a great time to think about planting new trees and shrubs

When it comes to trees, a decision in haste can lead to a lifetime of regret. Many trees grow more beautiful generation after generation. Others have the potential to create decades of trouble,

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Magic Meadow, Lovely Banks: it all sounds a bit Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm but there’s no trace of Shirley Temple in Deb Parsons’ busy five-acre (two-hectare) market garden in the northwest Geelong suburb of Lovely Banks. Once mainly farmland, Lovely
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Fact Or Fiction?
1. It’s best to plant citrus trees in winter so they’re ready come summer. FICTION: In all but the warmest parts of the country, winter is not the time for planting citrus or, for that matter, most plants, small or large. The soil is too cold and it
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Start Planning Your Outdoor Heating Today
Now we’ve kissed summer goodbye for another year, there’s no time like the present to start planning your heating so you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. Infratech specialises in infrared electric heating for indoor-outdoor spaces, and there are pl