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Farmers have been raising backyard fowl for many years, but recently it’s become accessible for even the beginner farmer like you and me. Enter the Eglu Cube Mark 2 chicken coop with a 2m run, the latest innovation from Omlet. Complete with wheels fo
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Rethinking Tropical Gardens
When you think of tropical garden design, what comes to mind? Is it the pops of colour, yards of flamboyant foliage, the elaborate water features? While the usual backyard paradise trope still has its place, the kind of tropical gardens we’re really
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A Daily Dose
Make rosemary oil: Lightly bruise a few sprigs to release essential oils and place in a bottle or jar of olive oil. Seal and store in a dark place for a couple of weeks, shaking occasionally. Make sure the rosemary doesn’t poke above the oil level. S