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The Headache Plant
Botanically known as Tanacetum parthenium (syn Chrysanthemum parthenium), feverfew is a delightful short-lived perennial growing up to 60-100cm. Its bright-green foliage is deeply lobed and fern-like in appearance and has quite a pungent scent. The f
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Step By Step
Painting brick, masonry and cement: 1. Unpainted masonry should be cured for a minimum of 28 days before painting 2. Ensure the surface is clear of any loose sand or cement. Fill holes with grouting cement 3. Wash down with water using a stiff brush
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Maria Konecsny is the co-founder of Gewürzhaus Herb & Spice Merchants along with her sister, Eva. There are five stores in Melbourne, two in Sydney and one in Canberra. The most recent store to open was launched in December in Sydney’s Castle Hill. N