Boasting a bold and textured interior punctuated with impressive works of art, this home is made complete with a giant red polar bear in the fully tiled outside pond area. Originally featured in the Queensland Art Gallery, the sculpture by Scott Redford adds even more quirkiness to an already eccentric home. Surrounding the oversized arctic character is a combination of black

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The Headache Plant
Botanically known as Tanacetum parthenium (syn Chrysanthemum parthenium), feverfew is a delightful short-lived perennial growing up to 60-100cm. Its bright-green foliage is deeply lobed and fern-like in appearance and has quite a pungent scent. The f
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Expert Tips
If you want to convection cook and grill food, a hooded barbecue (such as the Clontarf from Lifestyle BBQs) offers the best of both worlds. Hooded models also typically come with workbenches and storage spaces so you can keep your marinades and condi
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Tatsoi (brassica Rapa Subsp. Narinosa)
Variously called spinach mustard, spoon mustard and Chinese flat cabbage, tatsoi resembles bok choy with wider, flatter, spoon-shaped leaves that form a thick rosette. Extremely frost tolerant, it can even be harvested from under snow. Use as per bok