Lemons need good amounts of fertiliser for healthy growth and a good crop, so begin feeding them with an organic fertiliser at the first sign of spring. They tend to be shallow-rooted plants so, to

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Design Your Own Waterwise Garden
The term “waterwise” is very much a part of gardening vernacular in Australia. Google the phrase and you’ll be inundated with corporations, government agencies, products and plant lists all promoting its principles. As a nation, we’re finally startin
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Make It Or Fake It
No watering, mowing or weeding certainly sounds appealing and for many, artificial grass is now regarded as a viable, even desirable, alternative to natural turf. Some are attracted by its waterwise qualities and others by the thought of less mainten
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Finishing Touches
When building a home, all elements need to be considered — architecture, interior design and landscape design. A house doesn’t look complete without a landscape and a garden is best enjoyed with family. Janine Mendel of Cultivart Landscape Design has