Governor of New South Wales, David Hurley, and wife Linda Hurley have dedicated a new rose in honour of all the wives of Governors of New South Wales throughout history. “Our nation was founded on many qualities and one often overlooked is the strength, resilience and dedication of the Governors’ wives, who contributed greatly to the building of our modern nation,” says Linda. The

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Editor’s Note
A great way to give your outdoor space pizzazz is to have a focal point that screams class, style, chill… whatever you want it to scream, in fact. How to choose the right feature is the stumbling block for some people, though, which is why Karen Boot
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Garden To Table
Homegrown produce has so much to offer — greater flavour and freshness, the chance to eat veggies grown without chemicals (if you choose to go organic), and the opportunity to get in touch with the rhythms of nature and feel a connection to the earth
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Colour me PURPLE
The name eggplant seems something of a misnomer when you look at this large, glossy, purple-skinned vegetable. That’s because the eggplants we favour today are different from those grown centuries ago when the name was coined. Early cultivars that we