If you want to grow veggies and herbs near your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, a vertical garden can be a good solution. Systems such as the Holman GreenWall planting kit allow you to do this with ease. This is a simple-to-install modular system that comes with in-built adjustable drippers that individually water each pot. It also gives you design freedom to expand by adding more units.

Vertical gardens are suitable for many different herbs (parsley, mint, chives, coriander, marjoram, thyme, sage and basil among them) along with quite a few vegetables but, as with ground-level gardens, how much sun and shade the vertical garden will receive will affect your choice of plants. For example, in a partshade spot, silver beet, radishes, dwarf cabbage and lettuce would fare well.

There’s no denying the satisfaction in preparing a meal using veggies you picked that day from your

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