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For many of us in the classic car hobby, the raison d’etre is passion for certain vehicles and marques. Maybe we lusted after them in our teens, or maybe as a kid our dad, mum, aunt, uncle or other relative took us for a ride and we were hooked from that moment on. Many of us have scrimped and saved our hard earned cash to find the classic American car of our dreams even if, at times, the budget meant we couldn’t find

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Long Term Relationship
The last time this car appeared in Classic American magazine, our world looked a bit different. John Major was Prime Minister, only 1% of us had internet access and British forces were fighting in Bosnia. Princess Diana gave a sensational TV intervie
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Bolt From The Past
One of the stars of the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas was Chevrolet’s innovative E-10 Concept, which married a 1962 truck with the powertrain from the marque’s Bolt EV. The goal is to show how a possible ‘Connect & Cruise’ eCrate engine could open the
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Behind the Wheel
1934 Ford 5-window hot rod coupe 1939 Ford pick-up 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland For the first time since owning it, some 13 years now, 2019 saw me miss driving the ’34 for the whole season due to an engine issue, and to make it worse, it w