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Picture walking into a 40,000 sq ft facility with an array of classic cars and trucks that range from showroom stock muscle cars to 1000+ horsepower pick-ups with turbochargers sticking out of the hood. Imagine the smell of leather being formed into seats and the sound of TIG welders bonding metal together. In the same building, paint and body experts are putting the finishing touches to a customer’s dream build. This custom car fantasy land exists, and it’s called Classic Car Studio.

The instant someone sets foot into Classic Car Studio (CCS) and sees what this restoration

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Classic American3 min read
1. Just 1010 people handed over the $5400 needed to buy an Imperial two-door Southampton Crown Coupe in 1962, making this California car a real rarity. Despite weighing 4830lb, it could still reach 60mph in under eight seconds. Sadly, this one never
Classic American3 min read
The Lost Cause
What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to cars, quite a bit. They convey a lot about what a car is meant to represent. Either that, or they impart a sense of wonder in potential customers. They’re meant to be evocative. The car pictured here, by contr
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Avoiding Disaster
In today’s classic vehicle market values are constantly on the move. So, when you’re looking to buy insurance, should you have your cherished car insured on an ‘agreed value’ or a ‘market value’ basis? It’s a distinction that can suddenly become very