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Dear Classic American, As Alice Afzal wrote in the June 2018 Classic American, people are keen on the environmental benefits of electric cars, but often overlook the quantities of energy, raw materials and nasty chemicals needed to make the batteries and then recycle them afterwards. The problem

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Classic American6 min read
Good as New
You may have already noticed this 1939 Ford Deluxe Fordor Sedan is factory-built, right-hand drive. Those interested in RHD American cars will realise it likely originated in one of several places: South Africa, Australia, the UK or, as in this case,
Classic American5 min read
Clean-up Squad To Aisle 51!
While Chevy and Ford trucks undoubtedly dominate the classic truck scene on both sides of the Atlantic, there are some great-looking trucks from other US manufacturers, ripe for restoration or even modification, that rarely get a look-in. Some are ju
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Meet Farm Fresh Garage
Billing your business ‘The UK Home of US Trucks’ is a bold statement, but with nearly 20 years’ experience in importing, restoring and modifying classic trucks, Farm Fresh Garage has about as much right to say so as anyone out there. Originally start