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Classic American5 min read
The Italian Job
Michael Schudroff’s Chevy is a car that would let you win almost any bet against your mates. Wanna’ bet this Corvette’s made of steel? Even school kids know that ever since its introduction in 1953, the Corvette’s body has been made out of glassfibre
Classic American3 min read
Really Of The Giants
Having settled into Blenheim Palace over the last several years, it was all change again for the Pre-’50 AAC’s annual Rally of the Giants, as the show site was moved slightly more into the main part of the park to make way for a new Elizabethan theat
Classic American5 min read
Columns, Stalks & Wheels!
The time came to try and finally assemble and fit the full steering column on the ’64. As far as I could remember the steering column was one of the few parts of the Chevy left untouched from when it was stripped and repainted back in 2007-8. So you’