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Anyone who has restored a classic American car of any type will know of the perils of finding specialist companies that have the knowledge and expertise to carry out work to a required standard. Having found that specialist – paint shop, engine builder or transmission expert – the expense and hassle of having to then move a big American hulk of a car from one specialist to another, often by trailer, can make the job of Yank restoration budget-blowingly expensive.

That’s why, when

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Oldsmobile Mini-Toro
By any logical rationale, this wasn’t the sort of car that manufacturers would want to promote. It was a means to an end, after all; a works hack that was built for a singular purpose that was anything but glamorous. Nevertheless, the decidedly left-
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Get Your Events & Dates In Now!
The Classic American blue pages are filling up fast, so if you or your club have an event scheduled for this year, make sure you either send them in by mail to Classic American, PO Box 99, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 6LZ or email them to: email@clas
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From another PO-LANET!
If you’ve been into American classics for a while, or indeed have read this magazine over a couple of years or more, you’ll know that some of the best-restored American cars in the world are found in Sweden. There are some crackers from Denmark, Norw