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Bailey Malkiewicz:

“I just can’t believe that happened. I was doing all I could to pressure Mattia but I could never get close enough to attempt a pass. He rides so consistently

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10 Tips To Enjoy Your First Race
Rolling into an event with things still to do to your bike is stressful. Remembering to put in the fresh air filter, change a wheel or prepare your goggles adds to the stress early in the day of a race. Spend the days and weeks before ensuring that y
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Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch
I have been shedding some excess weight recently with the help of the awesome trainers at DadBods in Richmond, NSW. Yes, DadBods — the best name for a gym! I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed data — reading lap times, heart rate, tracking rides
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Alpine Trekking
The inaugural Husqvarna 701 Enduro Trek was to have been run in February but a series of bushfires through the Victorian alpine region made the established route impossible. Determined to make it happen, Husky Australia gave Nick Selleck from Maschin